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T-Relaxzone is the manufacturer and worldwide
distributer of unique products in wellness and health fields.

Since the establishment we have set serving our customers
and realizing their needs and requirements in the fast changing
Wellness and health market as our goal. With this in mind, we
expanded in different market segments, for example in the
international marketing industry.

We constantly develop new products for wellness and health and we
will inform you about our further attractive products here.

T-Relaxzone is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and was founded in 2004 by our head company TELmax GmbH. Visit the TELmax GmbH website


Our show room is situated in the western part of Frankfurt. As well as at our fair and exhibition booths, we'll inform you about the new dimension of mental and body massage. You'll also have the opportunity to try our new products yourself.

Reseller programme

If you are interested in reselling our products, please contact us: Contact




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